Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Well, project one is to get myself gainfully employed, but after that I have a few social projects I could use some help on:

Project #1: The Open Source Individual Education Project
Description: To provide quality open-source (for individual, or homeschool use) educational materials for homeschooled and unschooled students. The benefit for the student would be a higher quality of educational content, and the benefit for the writers/educators would be greater control over their work, plus the ability to tackle more complex/contraversial subjects than are normally allowed in textbooks. Opportunity for profit would still be available, as my current plans call for publishing printed materials for sale (Free materials available for individual use, as a PDF or similar file), and for liscensing for educational institutions at lower cost than most standard educational publications. I plan to try and pass on up to 70-80% of the profits made selling printed materials and liscenses, directly to the authors themselves, If I can.

The company will be ran as a non-profit company, preferably a co-op, or similar arrangement.

If you are interested, you may e-mail me, or mail me. I'll add more projects as I go on.

Current Books

Parecon: Life After Capitalism, by Michael Albert
The Only Math Book You'll Ever Need, By Stanley Kogelman, Ph.D. and Barbara R. Heller, M.A.
Allways a Warrior: Memoirs of a Six-War Soldier, By Charles W. Sasser
Economics: Twelfth Edition, By Paul A. Samuelson & William D. Nordhaus
Self-governing Socialism, vol. 2, edited by: Branko Horvat, Mihailo Markovic, & Rudi Supek
War Without End: The Rise of Islamist Terrorism and the Global Response, By Dilip Hiro

Just Finished
The Lucifer Principal: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History, by Howard K. Bloom
Closing Time, by Joseph Heller
And I think maybe one other, but I can't remember it

I'm about 1/2 way through Allways a Warrior & War Without End, about 1/4 of the way through Parecon, the Math Book, and Self-Governing Socialism. I'm only a few pages into the giant econ text.

Entry One

This is a test post for my new blog. Primarily this blog will be used to get out my political/economical/philosophical thoughts, probably in the form of essays. Accept criticism on them, and chart my progress of learning.

I can be reached at: