Monday, February 14, 2005

Full Text of the Letter I have sent to DNC chairman Howard Dean

I have a bit of advice to offer, partially in hope that you will adopt it, and partially out of warning as to your chances of winning should you not adopt it.

The primary problem with the Democratic party is that it has lost the entirety of its voice, by abandoning the constituency it nominally represents and by losing its ability to articulate its goals clearly and ways that appeal to all americans.

To put it bluntly, moving "rightward" has cost you the last two elections. Even moderate republicans and independants do not want "Republican Light".The entire Kerry campaign read like this: "Same taste, less carbs."
You need a wedge issue that is not a reaction to conservative policies, but is a voice of its own. I know of such an issue:

The constitutional right to a job at a living wage. This would be a new mandate for progressives, and the Democratic party in particular. It would become a supercession to the New Deal, and give the Democratic party a new legacy, not to mention credibility and relevancy.

The advantage of pursuing this as the primary campaign goal of the democratic party is this, it appeals to both progressive ethic, and conservative populist ethic. Most conservative americans, from moderate to hardline believe that everyone who can work should work, and most also believe that a person ought to be able to live decently by the fruit of their labors.

This is the primary reason for their opposition to entitlement programs.
If you present this correctly, and push it as your primary agenda, you'll have an unbeatable wedge issue. What can the Republican party come up with that's even compareable? Privatising social security? Anti-homosexual agenda?

It pales in comparison to ensuring an elimination to unemployment and poverty.

So, in conclusion, I urge you to adopt this as your party's primary agenda throughout the next 4 years, and for the next election. Should you not, then not only will I not vote for you, I will encourage everyone I know, everyone I meet, not to. Failing to find a significant legitimate voice will simply relegate your party to non-relevance, and I will do my best to ensure that it will happen with utmost swiftness should you not become an actual party of opposition.


Matthew Crisp



Consider this the opening salvo of the "Fuck You, I Won't Vote For You" Campaign.


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