Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Short update after my long hiatus

No, I haven't died. I've just been very busy. I've been trying to get my finances together and we've been planning for the delivery in september. Also I've been suffering a long bout of writers block that hasn't gone away too much. Part of it probably has to do with not being around too many people where I'm able to discuss ideas in depth at all.

Bummed about that.

I've been wanting to get together with people in person and share ideas and build networks, and I just really haven't had the time or real opportunity out here. There's a real derth of interested people out here, even in our own local problems. And my own personal concerns have also taken first place over that. Personal concerns primarily revolve around money and lack-there-of, what else is new.

Not all doom and gloom though, I've opened up an investment account and taken some good steps toward increasing my income.

My current 5 year plan of sorts is to land some form of employment where I'm making approximately $2,500 a month after taxes (or about $30,000 net a year), so that after my expenses I'll be able to invest around $800 to $1000 a month. Which also means if I adopt long term holdings I'd be taxed at a lower rate as well. I also need to start school, and to do that I probably need to get a laptop, but I'm not particularly looking foreward to that expenditure.

Kinda unsure about how my future in the particular property I'm at is going, I'm hoping they're not looking for excuses to pass me up for promotion. I really like it here but simply cannot afford not to get a (well deserved mind you) promotion, and corresponding pay raise. I'm really not being utilized to the best of my abilities either, I could do alot more, and bring in more revenue or improve operations if given the chance. The problem is we have too insular of a decision making process and communication is allmost allways one way. Essentially the head doesn't know what the feet are doing, and vice versa.

Anyways, not too much to comment about concerning current events and such. I've simply shut myself off from that for awhile. I've been giving myself a break from it and reading more books. I'm going to look into distance learning. I'd like to be able to get an actual degree online, rather than the generally crap degrees offered by "online universities". Why they're only offering crap degrees is beyond me. The technology is there that I should be able to go for just about any degree I want and be able to do most of, if not all of, the work and study online. I don't want a technical nor vocational degree goddamnit.

I do promise more rants in the future though, and hopefully some more essays sometime soon.

Nil Carborundum Illigitum


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